Awning Windows Perth

At Greg’s Glass in Perth, we supply and install high quality custom and ready-made awning windows for your home or office. Awning windows open outwards by means of a top hinge. They are a very popular style of window that possesses many benefits, like providing great ventilation without compromising security.

About Awning Windows

These awning windows are perfect for homes throughout Western Australia. They have a water resistance rating for 450Pa and the awning type sashes are fitted with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant chain winders, stainless steel friction stays and wedge-less cam handles, so no matter what type of whether gets thrown at them, they will continue to function like new.

Even when open, the moulded nylon sash corner guards protect the exposed lower corners. This awning has optimal weather performance, amazing ventilation and plenty of access to natural light. What more could you ask for?

Benefits of Awning Windows

One of the main draws to awning windows is the ability for weather-proofing. Since they open from the top, awning windows can allow for ventilation while still protecting against the weather, allowing no leakage from the rain when open. In addition, they have incredible ease of use, making them perfect to add over a counter or sink, and they don’t compromise your security or privacy when placed high enough.

Awning Window Installation Perth

Greg’s Glass is dedicated to not only supplying you with high quality glass awning windows in Perth, but we also want to make sure that you are enjoying our products to the fullest at home.

When you trust our experienced installation technicians, you get a fully functioning, long-lasting awning window in only a few hours. The best part is that we can provide you with honest and friendly advice, as well as a window that suits any opening, no matter the size.


Contact Greg’s Glass today by calling (08) 9527 8195 for a free quote on supply and installation of awning windows in Perth.