Durable and Stylish Hinged Doors

At Greg’s Glass, we like to give you all the best options. That’s why we have provided a newer version of the classic hinged doors. The hinged glass doors that we sell give you the classic feel combined with newer technology that really delivers.

Hinged Doors Perth Australia

Benefits of Hinged Doors

Whether you go for single or double doors (also known as French doors), you cannot beat the traditional appeal of our sliding range. Engineered with a swivelling hinge that allows you to open them inwards, outwards or both, these doors are perfect for both internal and external applications.

Hinged glass doors are great because they go with every type of décor. Changing the frames or adding louvres can give you a completely different aesthetic. Hinged doors are also a good choice if you want to add space to a narrow opening and can’t install sliding doors. Installing French doors doesn’t take up too much space and it provides a stylish solution.

Vantage Hinged Doors in Mandurah

It’s an open-and-shut case – Western Australia knows that the best glass doors come from Vantage. These doors are tested for compliance with AS2047 Safety Standards and they are effective at providing superior weather protection and resisting water. They also are Bushfire resistant (BAL40) and are tested for Acoustics.

Our Products

The Vantage hinged doors that we offer from our store Mandurah store includes:

  • Series 548- High Performance Hinged Door
  • Series 400 – Commercial Framing


Professional Door Installation

Greg’s Glass supplies the best hinged glass doors in Mandurah and Perth, and we provide expert door installations, too. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to send over our experienced and trained installation professionals to get the job done. We can work with numerous door thresholds, including weather resisting thresholds for external and internal sliding doors.

If you are interested in our top quality products, or would like to schedule door installations in Mandurah, give Greg’s Glass a call today on (08) 9527 8195. You can also fill out our contact form online now to get in touch with our team.